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“Why Advertise at the Center Theatre?”

It’s really simple: Advertising at the Center Theatre works!

  • Thousands of people walk through our doors each year, looking for places to eat, shop, and relax.
  • Our prime location and wide variety of programming will get people from all over the state  through your doors as well!
  • Choose from sponsorships, print ads, pre-movie ads, or a combination of all three.

Print Ads

Printed programs are handed out at all live events sponsored by the Center Theatre.  A printed program not only provides a unique opportunity for repeated viewings, it also circulates among friends and family members, further increasing your brand exposure.

Movie Ads

With over 10,000 tickets sold in 2012, movies are among the Center Theatre’s most consistently well-attended events.  Whether it’s a 15 second slide or a short video ad, your promotional material is guaranteed to be viewed by audiences a minimum of two times before each movie showing.

Although the Center Theatre does not produce video ads, we are happy to put you in touch with local community groups and individuals who can help you produce your own video advertisement.


In addition to advertising, the Center Theatre also offers additional benefits to those individuals and businesses who sponsor a particular event, a class, or even or the entire season. Regardless of your level of support, you can be sure that your contribution is bringing the performing arts in all its many forms to the people of Central Maine.

For more information, please contact:

Patrick Myers, Executive Director
(207) 564-8943
OR use our Contact Form

Get Noticed!

Get 1000’s of Lasting Impressions

In 2013:

  • Print ads: 5,000+ views
  • Movie ads: 10,000+ views
  • Whoopie Pie Festival:  6,000+ attendees

Advertise with us and get noticed!