1984 National Screening Day



Rated R, 1984, 1 Hour 53 Minutes

IMDB(7.2), Rotten Tomatoes (83%)

April 4, 2017 7pm
Admission $5, $1 of every ticket will be donated to the Maine ACLU


Thanks to the generosity of a local donor, the Center Theatre will join over 140 art house movie theatres across the country in 124 cities and in 41 states, plus four locations in Canada, in a NATIONAL EVENT DAY screening of the 80’s movie 1984 starring John Hurt, who sadly died last month. This date was chosen because it’s the day George Orwell’s protagonist Winston Smith begins rebelling against his oppressive government by keeping a forbidden diary. The movie is set in a totalitarian future society, where a man whose daily work is rewriting history tries to rebel by falling in love.