PiscataFLIX Movie Subscription

PiscataFLIX is your simple solution for seeing movies at the Center Theatre. For just $16 a month or $176 per year (one month free) you can see any movie at the Center Theatre as many times as you like. Have a movie fan on your gift list? Tired of getting cash at the grocery store to send with your kid to the Theatre? Get a PiscataFLIX card and make life easy! 


Monthly PiscataFLIX charges will be automatically charged to your debit or credit card. The card holder must have their card with them when they come to the movie and the card is non-transferrable. You can purchase your PiscataFLIX card at the Theatre concession counter, at the box office during business hours, by calling 564-8943 during business hours, or online any time by clicking HERE.