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May 6th, 10am to ???

How long will Dani be stuck on the roof deck? It's up to you! She's committed to staying up there until the Center Theatre raises $3,000. You can help her get a jump start on the total by pledging now, or you can wait until the 6th.
Come back to this page on the 6th to watch the livestream and listen to these guests talk about some of the exciting things going on in our community:

  • Dover's new acting Police Chief Seth Burns

  • The Kids from Honk Jr.

  • Ahslie Robinson

  • Toby  Nelson

  • Matt Spooner

and more!

Select an option below to donate to the fundraiser! 


Have Dani read a short note, a paragraph or even a few pages from your favorite book or story. We reserve the right to reject any message that is offensive, misleading, disrespectful, political, or violates our non-discrimination policy. You will be asked ot supply a URL of the item to be read or you can drop it off at the Theatre.

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