Dinner with the Lost Boys


Get the Halloween season started off right.  Dinner with the Lost Boys is a one-time only event limited to 20 Attendees! Menu options from the Mill Cafe are below. Theater concessions beverages are included in the price.  You can also purchase alcoholic options from the Center Theatre the evening of the event at an additional charge.   Popcorn or Candy is  included in the price as "Dessert" while you watch the movie.   Dinner will be served on the Center Theatre roof deck, or inside the Center Theatre lobby if the weather doesn't cooperate.  


Tickets for Dinner With the Lost Boys are Sold Out! Movie-Only Tickets are still available.

Once you purchase your tickets you'll receive an email with a link to order from the following options . . .

Menu Options

David''s Prime Rib French Dip

David usually likes his prime rib . . .raw. But your Prime Rib French dip will be cooked to perfection along with sautéed onions and melted Swiss. Served with potato wedges and au jus.

The Santa Carla Burger

Just like Santa Carla it looks great and everything inside it tastes so good! A Pub Cheeseburger with potato wedges. Grilled onion, mushroom, cheddar or Swiss, tomato, and lettuce.

I Still Believe in Quesadilla 

Obviously, Tim Cappello (shirtless on the saxophone) likes his quesadilla beefy, but if you want chicken or veggie that’s fine too. In a grilled flour tortilla with chips and salsa. Add peppers, Onions, Guac, or Sour Cream and you’ll still believe.

Frog Brothers Tacos

Whether you like Edgar’s Rolled Tacos or Alan’s Tacos Supreme you’ll be ready to patrol down main street on your schwins to battle for truth, justice, and the American way. 

Edgars Rolled Tacos: Seasoned chicken tacos with plenty of cheese on grilled corn tortillas. Three per order. Comes with home-made salsa. Add guac or sour cream 

Alan’s Tacos Supreme: Seasoned chicken tacos with Monterey jack cheese, tomato, lettuce and sour cream on a flour tortilla.  Three per order. Comes with homemade salsa. Add guac or sour cream

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