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Marvelous Movie Marathon!



We had a Miserable Movie Marathon back in December, now it's time for a Marvelous Movie Marathon! The large auditorium of the Center Theatre will be open from 9 am to 11pm on Sunday, December 12th showing some of the best movies ever made (chosen by you) for free! Just stop by and celebrate great movies! 

AND enter our raffles below to win a $70 Piscataquis dining spree or a magic popcorn tub good for a lifetime of free popcorn at the Center Theatre!


Here's the Schedule:


And enter our marvelous raffles!

All drawings will be held at the end of the Marvelous Movie Marathon on December 12th.

Lifetime Popcorn Tub

CT Popcorn Raffle.JPG

Win this magic tub and every time you come to the concession stand at the Theatre you can fill it with popcorn - for FREE! Can only be used by the winner. May be given by the winner to someone else as a gift, but only once! 

$70 Dining Spree!


Eat your way across the County! This prize includes:
$20 to Vail's Custom Cakes
$25 to North & Southeats
$25 to Mountain's Market 

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