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Free After School Theater Program

Do you have a theatrical kid? Or one that is into lights, sound, and  video? Or all of the above?  Our after school program is for them.  Our Free After School Theater program is for High School students interested in learning new skills and exploring their existing talents. The program is taught by Derrick Buschmann.

Also, starting in October our first Free Afterschool Art Elective! Principals of Filmmaking and Animation: Intro to Storyboarding.

The Center Theatre after school program provides a space for area youth to stretch their creative problem-solving muscles while learning the basics of theatrical practices and terminology. In addition to lending support for current live performances, each session of the program will focus on an element of theatrical design and produce a group project centered on that aspect.

Since it is a free program, we will not have  a formal registration process and kids can drop in when they're able, but if you would like to get on our mailing list to get updates and information about the program and scheduling changes, Please click here.

Here are some more details:

  • Open to any high school student, homeschoolers welcome!

  • Our afterschool program meets for 2 hours weekdays when Foxcroft Academy is in session at the Center Theatre. We may occasionally move off-site depending on the Theatre's schedule. If there is an early-release day for Foxcroft Academy, the afterschool will meet when school gets out.

  • If Foxcroft Academy is cancelled or there is a 1/2 day because of bad weather, the afterschool program will also be cancelled. 

  • Donations to support the program are, of course, greatly appreciated. Donations can be made right here, or at the Center Theatre, 20 East Main, Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426

If you have further questions, please contact Patrick Myers at or call

(207) 564-8943

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