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Center Theatre Lip Sync Battle!

Lip Sync Battle 8x11.jpg

On November 18th at 7pm you can come cheer on and vote for your favorite person or group as they compete to win the 2022 Center Theatre Lip Sync Battle.

The winner, as chosen by popular vote by the audience, will win $500 for themselves or their favorite charity. Reserve your tickets now!

Information for Competitors​

Individuals or groups can register to compete in the Lip Sync Battle! The winner of the battle, as chosen by the audience, will win $500. Here are some details:

  • The is no charge to become an entrant.

  • Individuals and groups must register by November 4th. If we don't have enough entrants we will need to cancel the event.

  • Each entrant can be either and individual or a group

  • Each entrant should prepare two lip sync numbers

  • Entrants must provide their own music to the Center Theatre by November 11th. The Theatre reserves the right to reject any songs that aren't appropriate for an all-ages show. 

  • Entrants will have the opportunity to schedule a at least one practice session at the Center Theatre.

  • The Center Theatre will provide basic theatrical lighting for each entrant.

  • Entrants are encouraged to be creative and exciting for their songs. Elaborate costumes and props are encouraged.

  • This is an all-ages show and any inappropriate songs or acts will be disqualified.

  • The Center Theatre will set the perforance order for the evening. 

  • The audience will vote for the winner by paper ballot which will be tabulated by Center Theatre staff.  The tabulation by Center Theatre staff and their interpretation of the votes on the ballots is final. 

To register as an entrant please click the link below, call the Theatre at 564-8943, or visit in person. If you have any questions email or call the Theatre.

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