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SOCP Holiday Raffle


Support Live Theater and win some amazing items! It's the Slightly Off-Center Players Holiday Raffle! We have 15 items all valued at $50 or more and tickets are $5 a piece, 5 for $20 or 10 tickets for $40. Check out all the items below and click the buttons below to buy your tickets. 

Once you've bought the tickets, you'll receive an email with a link to let us know what items you want to win! Winners drawn the evening of Thursday the 22nd. Need not be present to win.

1.    Cheese Board from Thirty One Independent Director Theresa Makowski
2.    $50 Gift Certificate from The Mill Cafe
3.    Carpe Diem 60 Minute Massage and Facial Gift Cards
4.    Rugged 8' Picnic Table from The Mountainview Correctional Facility and The Pine Grove Program
5.    Kris Kringle Basket from Tammy Parker 
6.    Hand Carved Rose from Laurie Sproul
7.    Infinity Farm 1 Hour Riding lesson 
8.    $50 Gift Certificate from The Lakeshore House
9.    1 Ton of Wood Pellets from True Value Hardware
(winner responsible for arranging pickup/delivery)
10.    Nature Goddess Gift Basket from Lydia Spencer
11.    Theatre Gift Basket from Center Theatre
12.    Whoopie Pie Basket from Center Theatre & The Maine Whoopie Pie Festival
13.    Reciprocating Saw (Value $129) from Tractor Supply
14.    Holiday Gifts from the Main House, Abbot, Maine ($100 Value)
15. 60 Minute Massage from Melissa Veraldo of Don't Worry, Bee Happy Healing

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